The Living Torah is a weekly publication distributed in and around North West London. Written by members of Hasmonean High School's Sixth Form programme - we aim to bring you divrei torah for your Shabbat table each and everyweek.

This weeks PDF Version

Monday, 15 March 2010

New Way to Get the PDF Version

Due to the decrepit programming of the Main website and the difficulty involved with uploading the PDF, I've decided to create a secondary place where anyone can can get a copy.

I'll upload just before we go to print, usually on a wednesday (sometimes when we're running late - on a thursday) meaning that you won't have to be anxiously waiting, sitting by your computer fretting on a friday in order to get yourself a copy. [ Heres hoping :) ]

Visit for a printable version of the full Living Torah Weekly.

(Hat tip to GDT blog for the website)

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